global jewelry

Global Jewelry Its is an independent, financial firm of investors. We choose and hand pick the best outgoing and talented designers. Then, we market their designs onto today’s most challenging markets. We invest in them in order to shine their best attributes onto new platforms. We back them up with great packaging features. We also offer fast and efficient customer service for the online clients we gather for them around the globe.

We make it possible for our designers to grow by placing them under the spot light and working with them on areas, where other companies do not go the extra mile. As we go along, we invest on exclusive designs that provide us with an extra edge and bring about the best possibilities for the creative minds involved. In this case, Sergio Gutierrez is an outstanding and successful designer, who has created a unique technique for over two decades now.

We work with a group of team advisers, whom help us with all the legal aspects. Such as, infringement violation of copyright designs, patents and trade dress associated with our designers. This helps us gain the confidence of our clients and the support of our designers. Sergio Gutierrez has implemented impeccable protection of his intellectual exclusive design work and patents. So, we make it our mission to keep him shining globally despite the difficulties of adjusting to today’s challenging markets.

Our philosophy is as Disney himself said it best: “Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends”. Therefore, we are creating a customer-focused fashionista culture that brings helpful and flexible support service, as well as the best deals possible to all of our customers. Also, we always carry enough inventory to be able to provide the fastest deliveries possible, resulting in many happy customers.